That doesn't stop some nattering nannies from looking for ways to kill the brand.  The estate of Hostess has some going concern value, with the bread lines already finding a buyer.
Flowers Foods, Inc., which makes the Nature’s Own line of breads along with the Tastykake line of cupcakes and sweets, said it had agreed to purchase several of Hostess’ best-known brands, along with 28 bakeries and other locations.

Georgia-based Flowers said Friday that it had signed purchasing agreements to take on buy Wonder, Nature’s Pride, Merita, Home Pride and Butternut bread brands from Hostess for $360 million. The company also plans to buy the ailing bakery’s Beefsteak Bread for an additional $30 million.
A sale of Hostess cupcake and sweets product to a manufacturer of those products might run afoul of the antitrust laws, the failure of Hostess to compete on its own notwithstanding.  There are, however, other potential buyers for the treats, as well as nay-sayers.
The New York Times reported that the divisions that make the snacks have drawn attention from “scores” of bidders.

The news was greeted with glee by Twinkie fans – and groans by those who feel the preservative-laden confections have passed their prime.
Including, not surprisingly, people who see Twinkies and their kin as Threats To The Public Health.  Take responsibility for your own private health, already.  If you think a Hostess dessert makes you fat, don't buy one.

Although it has been years since I've had either a Ding Dong or a Snowball, my morale would improve if those products also remained available to children of all ages.

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