In life, Red China is making territorial claims that aren't sitting well with neighboring countries.  In Threat Vector, the latest from the school of Tom Clancy, the Red Chinese first do all that is within their power to take down the secret, super-competent Counter Terrorism Unit that got its start in Red Rabbit,  passes a few field tests in The Teeth of the Tigermade its bones in  Dead or Alive, and got roughed up by the Soviets, er, Putinite elements in the Russian government in Locked On, and when the takedown seems to be going well enough, the Reds start enforcing their territorial claims out of the barrel of a gun, just as the Great Helmsman would have it.  It's Tom Clancy, and it's more about the action, and the good guys winning, than it is about character development.  All the same, it would help if the assistant authors were more careful about on the one hand referring to the Sino-Russian war of The Bear and the Dragon, while on the other hand having a principal character exfiltrated from China on a Russian freight aircraft returning from delivering a load of iron bombs.

I'm going to return to posting reviews of heavier stuff.

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