Governor Quinn and President Peters spoke at the memorial service.

Northern Illinois University photograph.

An onlooker has Wisconsin present in spirit.

At a football game, watch the Northern Illinois bench closely at the change to the fourth quarter.  Many teams have the players raise four fingers, to signify ownership of the fourth quarter.  Northern Illinois players raise five.
Between the third and the fourth quarters of every football game, the team, support staff, band members and fans put up five fingers in memorial for the Feb. 14, 2008, victims.

The tradition, known by the team as “Five in the Sky,” was started by former NIU football coach Jerry Kill, according to Dan Stinson, technical assistant for athletics.

“It started after the school shooting,” said Alex Kube, a 2010 graduate and linebacker. “Coach Kill brought it up and all the captains agreed on it.”
Current players hope to continue the tradition.

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