It's bad form to be outwardly mercenary, but recent research from the London School of Economics confirms that, inwardly, the female of the species often is.
Dr [Catherine] Hakim [of the London School of Economics] said many women did not want to “admit” that they were looking for a higher earning partner. They even keep the fact secret from the men they are dating, she said.
Yes, admitting to being mercenary is bad form. You just have to know the code words.
Cold Spring Shops is not an advice column, but gentlemen, if you ever hear "I'm not ready for a commitment," treat your situation as friends-with-benefits, no matter how desirable the benefits are.
Or make yourself less available, or keep your options open.

On the other hand, the Pickup Artist community provides advice to the men to be mercenary in their own way.
Yes, the classics are filled with examples of chicklove for badboys, and warnings to avoid falling under their spells. What’s interesting about this is that wiser women wouldn’t have to warn the sisterhood about jerks if women weren’t already naturally attracted to jerks. I mean, you don’t see women warning other women to avoid exhilarating romantic entanglements with boringly reliable beta males. Women do that all on their own.
There's a particularly angry elaboration here.

One wonders what the evolutionarily stable strategy for mating will be.

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