Somewhere there may be women of the fevered brow fretting about a nonexistent upsurge in domestic violence, all in preparation to take the hearts and flowers out of February, all in the name of consciousness raising.

Perhaps the solution is to do as Eve Ensler says.
We don't have any idea what's going to happen when one billion women and men protest on the same day. We do know that the preparation for it over these last months has already announced, united and catalysed a movement that, like the violence, can and will no longer be denied.

Now is the time. One month. 14 February. Rise in the streets, in the schools, on the buses, in your homes, in the dark alleyways, in the offices and factories and fishing boats and fields. Let our rising reveal our understanding that, until women are equal, safe and free, no society can prosper and life is diminished. Let our rising announce our commitment to make ending violence against women and girls the central concern of our times.
Or perhaps it is to do as she does.

That picture's got to be more effective than a cold shower.

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