A Via Media post complains about the current political establishment speaking of government spending as "investment" without making any, well, investments.
Besides promising themselves fat pensions that they refused to save money or tax themselves to pay for, the boomers let the country’s infrastructure run down. The next generation is already staggering under a rising tax burden, student loan debt, and retirees’ massive health care bills. On top of all this, they now have to pay through the nose just to keep the roads, bridges, and tunnels in good repair after years of neglect and deferred maintenance.
Let us be grateful that railroads and some parts of the electric, gas, and oil transmission and distribution networks are owned by investors who, depredations by the short-termers at the corporate level notwithstanding, remain subject to market tests.

At Insta Pundit, there's a little laying of blame.
Reader Juan Paxety writes: “With regard to boomers letting the infrastructure decline, remember that neither Harry Reid nor Nancy Pelosi are boomers. I’d submit that their generation, The Silent Generation, still maintains a lot of political control and is at least equally culpable.”
Advantage, Cold Spring Shops.
[T]he Speaker of the House is a very early Baby Boomer and the Senate Majority Leader a member of the Silent Generation, quite possibly the most spoiled and indulged generation in U.S. history.
David Broder is no longer among us, and yet his cohort continues to do damage.
Perhaps it will be up to some future generation to say "enough."

The counterculture got all the ink. The rest of us had to grow up in the world they left us. And, Mr Broder, your Silent Generation cohort is complicit -- by its acquiescence -- in the mess.
I've been giving the process-worshippers grief for years, and don't intend to stop just yet.

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