The white smoke has come up from the Sistine Chapel, and the longest-standing organisation in contemporary experience has a new leader.  The Roman Catholic Church has long had competitors within the Christian tradition, but apparently the presence of substitutes isn't enough for some people.
Demonstrations took place across the United States and internationally to protest the male-only conclave to elect the next pope.

Members of a church in Sarasota sent up their own smoke signals Tuesday -- not black or white, but pink.

They gathered at the St. Andrews UCC Church in Sarasota. The vigil was one of many held on Tuesday around the globe. Not all were so peaceful though: a melee ensued outside the Vatican Tuesday when two female activists who went topless were dragged away from St. Peter's Square.

The Sarasota group, though, gathered in a circle to pray, and they say their hope is for a more progressive pope.
The church in question -- itself a spin-off of the Congregationalists who spun off from the Puritans who spun off from the Anglicans -- bills itself as "open and affirming", whatever that code word means in Protestant-speak these days. Apparently there are limitations on what gets affirmed, including the right of the Roman Catholic Church to manage its affairs in the way it sees fit.  There are also limitations on their logic: presumably a pope with leanings less to the protesters' liking would serve as a recruiter for the Congregationalists.

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