Ruth Conniff: "What we want is our peaceful, multicultural, civil society back."  I don't remember there ever being one.  I also fear that the more some people double down on embracing diversity, the less peaceful and civil the society will be.  Here's a particularly angry statement suggesting as much.
I know you’re not supposed to paint with a broad brush, unless you’re a liberal, in which case you are not only permitted, but expected to make Adam Lanza the poster boy for 100 million law-abiding legal gun owners.

But please, before the Kool-Aid drinkers in the Senate try to get amnesty for at least 12 million un­documented Democrats, can somebody please consider how many more of these Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs we really need?
There is one commonality between the angry white guys involved in some of the recent shooting incidents and the Tsarnaev brothers. All expressed some degree of alienation from the mainstream of society, however they perceived that mainstream to be. I'm not persuaded that deconstructing the mainstream necessarily reduces the alienation. More on this point, once the crush of end-of-semester business passes.

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