A good sea story, on the other hand, begins, "No s***, this really happened!"

Vikings is part legend, and part sea story.

In the past few days, I've discovered a number of sources to assist in sorting out the historically accurate from the dramatic.

Check out Medievalists.net for commentary from people whose writings might be peer-reviewed.  A recent posting reviews the cliff-hanger episode that ends the first season.

God of Wednesday suggests a number of ways in which drama might trump versimilitude.

Hot Diggity Daffodil is an emergent phenomenon, with weekly reviews of each episode, and a geometrically increasing list of comments over time.

A service called IGN (it does not refer to the International and Great Northern Railroad) presents reviews of a variety of television shows.  The Vikings episodes are all in there, although it helps to have sun-stone and course-barrel at hand.

The second season will sail in time for March Madness 2014.

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