Victory Day is a national holiday in Russia.  The casual observer of the news might be forgiven for thinking that the traditional May Day rollout of heavy weapons on Red Square has simply been moved to V-E Day.

Associated Press photograph by Ivan Sekretarev from Sacramento Bee.

There's even a former General Secretary of the Communist Party on hand for the occasion.

Associated Press photograph by Alexander Zemlianichenko from Sacramento Bee

Official parades take place in most of the big cities of Russia, although in Novosibirsk it appears as though the brass have to inspect the troops from Ford Falcon convertibles.

English Russia image.  No photographer credit provided.

The English Russia coverage from Novosibirsk includes a time-lapse photograph of the day's festivities.

Near Novosibirsk is Akademgorodok, where the local parade takes a form that would be more familiar to Middle America.  The video is in the style of a home movie, complete with a trip to the beach later in the day.

It's not clear when the official parade begins.  In the video, we see a Siberian version of Rolling Thunder, kids on go-karts, marching school groups, and veterans with their friends and relatives, as well as a group of friends and relatives of the war dead carrying portraits.  No scouts tossing candy to the spectators, although some adults appear to be issuing balloons to children along the route of march.

In Moscow, there are still a few veterans of 1941-1945 on hand to enjoy the day.

Associated Press photograph by Ivan Sekretarev from Sacramento Bee.

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