The barons of the Olympics, in order to achieve something, propose to drop wrestling.  The governing body for Olympic wrestling proposes to become more like All Star Wrestling (sans The Crusher and the Vachon brothers) or, in the quintessence of prole drift, emulate Mixed Martial Arts.
"We need to think about ways to change how the stage is presented," [world champion Bill] Scherr said. "They compete in an octagon and we compete on a mat. We don't have to compete on a mat. We can compete in sand, we can compete in grass and we can compete on a mat or an octagon. I don't know. We can get survey groups together and see what looks best."

Scherr said MMA officials have helped from the public relations perspective and partnerships may be explored in the future. However, that doesn't mean the ancient sport is going to go the way of the arm bar and head kick. "The non-violent perspective of wrestling is not going to change," Scherr said.

Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs is all for adding some flair to his sport. "In face-offs it would be good to have something cool other than two guys walking on to the mat, shaking hands, wrestling, then walking off. It shows great sportsmanship but not very good showmanship."
Not that anyone is going to ask me, but I vote for Gorgeous Bobby Heenan throwing a chair onto the mat, or into the octagon.

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