In a commentary on the corrosive role of money in politics, former Texas Railroad Commissioner turned radio talker Jim Hightower has it half right.
Far from earning trust, [business interests have] already wrecked our economy and betrayed our nation's egalitarian ideals — while feathering their own plutocratic nests. Now they want free rein to pervert America's democratic process with clandestine election campaigns secretly financed with other people's money.

NO! These kleptocrats are the real radicals. It's time to stop them, not only by disclosing their thievery, but ultimately by outlawing it — and retuning elections to the people.
The best way to outlaw rent-seeking behavior (possibly, more accurately, privilege-seeking behavior) is to limit the powers of the regulatory state.  As long as there are extensive powers to create, destroy, or reallocate wealth, there will be attempts to capture those powers.

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