Cedar Point is home to some of the most intense roller coasters on earth.  It's also home to the Blue Streak, for a while the last of the classic wooden out-and-backers on the Great Lakes, and to a live steam railroad.
Today, the park owns five steam locomotives and is one of the few amusement parks in the world that still uses coal-fired steam locomotives. The park uses four engines, No. 22 Myron H., No. 44 Judy K., No. 4 George R., and No. 1, which remains unnamed. The fifth engine, No. 3 Albert, built in 1910, was retired in 1991 and is now on display in front of the main train entrance.

The engines now make their home in an old-fashioned engine house at Cedar Point where a full-time railroad superintendent oversees their operation. Last year, more than 1.8 million guests traveled the railroad and, since 1963, more than 116 million guests have ridden the railroad.
There will be a special event on Saturday, 22 June, recognizing the railroad's longevity.

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