The Northern Star interviews John Butler, a student trustee who recently returned to the board as chairman.
On the academic side, this means encouraging responsible enrollment growth, developing a properly scaled and unique approach to online education where appropriate, increasing the share of community college transfer students as part of our profile of students and developing interdisciplinary degree offerings that closely align with the visions that students have for their careers ... and to add to that, increasing the university’s academic research capabilities.
Supporting the academic profile of the institution matters.
I’m very supportive of the new president and his central focus on student career success. It’s a great time to calibrate our activities to that focus. It’s going to make us a better institution. I think I’ve personally experienced a great deal of what President Baker is looking to make possible for all NIU graduates, and that is to utilize an NIU degree to achieve one’s personal goals and aspirations.
Career success is not equivalent to entry-level job preparation. The tussle within the university and in the public is how best to strike a balance between those two things.

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