A Washington Examiner analysis of a recent Pew poll suggests the masses are figuring out how rent-seekers work.
Pew also found that not only do a majority of swing voters agree with the statement that “government regulation of business does more harm than good,” but a majority of Republicans also agreed with the statement that there is “too much power in the hands of a few big companies.”

There is a growing, and accurate, belief in America that government and private sector elites are conspiring to use government power to capture as much of America’s wealth as possible. Some enterprising politician is going to find a way to tap into that sentiment successfully.
Polling guru Nate Silver finds something similar at work.
The Tea Party movement also has some lineage in libertarian thinking. Although polls suggest that many people who participate in the Tea Party movement have quite socially conservative views, the movement spends little time emphasizing those positions, as compared with economic issues.
Nobody's saying "mugged by reality" yet.

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William Bruce said...

I thought that, in this context, it was "mugged by the state."