Ryan Braun is suspended without pay for the season.

Michael Hunt administers the scolding.
It's my job to write that the tarnished golden boy, by his acceptance of responsibility for involvement with performance-enhancing drugs, is a cheater, a liar and a self-righteous one at that for his deceitful speech at spring training last year that pointed the finger at everybody except the one who bore the most accountability.

With all of his natural ability he chose to take a shortcut to gain an unfair competitive advantage that may have included getting a contract from the Brewers that still has $133 million remaining. He makes them look bad and he let down a lot of people — his fans, his admirers, the game and, most of all, his teammates — by unnecessarily dragging the organization through more than 18 months of uncertainty that hung like bad air over the Menomonee Valley.
Cardinal, Cub, Pirate, and Red bleacher creatures will contribute their own bad air in the 2014 season.

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