Today begins the 238th Year of American Independence.

Constitution will be rowed into Boston Harbor to be turned.

Seven score and ten years later, Gettysburg lives in the memories of the people.

The Father of Waters still flows unvexed to the sea.

We remain in some ways a house divided.

The Pursuit of Happiness still means exploring untapped potential.
So while you bark at your smart phone because web pages load too slowly, or complain that your favorite gourmet cupcake shop has moved locations, think of how all these wonderful things came to be. They came because of a few simple, yet radical ideas articulated most beautifully in our own Declaration of Independence.
The way in which Government Secures Rights remains contested.
Independence Day should serve not as a blind celebration of the government, but as a moment to reflect on the central place in our history of grass-roots democracy movements, which have preserved and expanded the rights proclaimed in the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
It remains the Duty of the People to provide their consent, or to withdraw that consent, or to limit the Powers of Government.
America’s global strength is less the result of the wise (or foolish) policies of any given administration than of the health and dynamism of American society.
So mote it be.

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