Gawker columnist Cord Jefferson used coverage of Surfers Gone Wild in Huntington Beach, California, to demonstrate the absurdity of racial profiling by being absurd.
A frightening and violent mob swept through the normally quiet seaside community of Huntington Beach last night following a surfing competition in the area. Businesses were vandalized and looted, portable toilets overturned, and brutal fistfights waged right out in the open. It was an ugly display and a sad day for California. But more than that, it was a reminder that we must begin to seriously consider the values of our thuggish white youth.
Where he gets deeper into parody, he's genuinely onto something.
White-on-white violence is a menace to white communities across the country, and yet you never hear white leaders like Pastor Joel Osteen, Bill O'Reilly, or Hillary Clinton take a firm stance against the scourge.

More important than white politicians are the white parents. I'd like to ask the caregivers of the children in these videos what they've been doing. When did so many white parents fall asleep at the wheel? You can complain about poor schools all you'd like, but the fact of the matter is that it's the parents of these children who are letting them leave the house looking like slobs in their baggy board shorts and Hollister t-shirts. It's the parents of these kids who are letting them listen to violent, self-destructive trash like "Anarchy in the UK" or "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue"—performed loudly by noted conservative rocker Johnny Ramone.

As I said, I know a lot of whites don't want to hear this kind of tough talk. But as an American of color who considers himself an ally to the white community, I'm just tired of seeing young, belligerent white people disgrace themselves year after year at surfing events, horse racing infields, and Ivy League campuses. Whites in America have been out from under their European ancestors' boot heels for centuries; California specifically outlawed preferences for nonwhites in state hiring and education nearly two decades ago. So being "oppressed" is no longer an excuse for behavior like this. How long must we wait for the white community to get its act together?
I found out about this column by way of Chris Hayes, who ran with it on his evening show on Nation TV.
"You probably haven't heard much about the white riot in Huntington Beach," Hayes began. "That's because the story of white criminal culture is not a story the mainstream media will tell you. But once you scratch the surface, these stories are everywhere you look."

Hayes and Jefferson engaged in a back-and-forth that parodied several tired tropes that surface when talking heads discuss race on TV.

"There are people that are going to tell you that ... this has nothing to do with white people, it's just a few bad apples. What do you say to that?" Hayes asked.

"To that I say that if that's your actual belief then you're living with your head in the sand," Jefferson said. "I used to live in New York City and would occassionally go to Hoboken, New Jersey's St. Patrick's Day parade, and there were so many young white men there vomiting in the streets, urinating in the streets, getting in fistfights in the streets. It was a sight to be seen."
Mr Hayes ended his segment, which is available for viewing at Huffington Post, with a public service announcement along the lines of "don't rely on comfortable stereotypes."  Fair enough, even Nation TV can't be all earnest chin-pulling and metrofexual snobbery all the time.  Addicting Info's Egberto Willies takes a useful first step into the social science.
There is a systemic class and race problem. An economic system is marginalizing many leaving them without hope and outlet. Violence is generally an outcome of that irrespective of race. Minorities are disproportionately jailed or given harsher sentencing by the justice system, which has a direct effect on that family’s economy. Minorities still face discrimination in hiring whether for the job proper or wages. This furthers the generational down spiral.
Yes, and Mr Jefferson has only scratched the surface calling out white parents falling asleep at the wheel.  The Huntington Beach riot included more than a little footage of the diversity of Pacific Rim lumpenproletariat acting out; the more racialized version of thuggish white youth being Britain's Yob Nation, or any weekend at a college fraternity.  He missed the chance to call out Jersey Shore and similar celebrations of lumpenproletariat white folks behaving badly.  Or perhaps to ask whether the Zeitgeist is marginalizing all males (not just blacks or whites) by viewing them as thuggish per se.

Perhaps it is up to Mr Hayes and Mr Jefferson and others of their birth cohort to rediscover the older notions of propriety and of perversity.

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