What happens when a major city is no longer useful? There are plenty of fingers being pointed. On one hand, Global Capitalism killed Detroit.
Capital first abandoned the Detroits, Clevelands, and Camdens of the US. Now, it abandons the country more generally. Similar moves afflict the more developed countries in Europe and Japan as well, although in ways that reflect their different histories, including the greater strengths of their working-class organizations.

On another hand (think of an Asian god, there are lots of hands and lots of fingers), Nostalgia for the Old Industrial State killed Detroit.
Decades of blue policies and corrupt, one-party machine politics created this mess. Those who cheered it on while it careened off a cliff should at least be forced to look at the wreckage down below.
Globalization is a Marshallian improvement, meaning that there will be gainers and losers.  The social science will keep generations of scholars active.

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