A service called Affordable College Online has done some sort of return on investment calculation for better-known colleges and universities.  In Illinois, Northern Illinois University publicists like what they see.
NIU offered the third-best return on investment among all public universities in the state, and ranked 10th overall when private institutions were included. According to the authors, the average graduate from Northern Illinois University will earn about $600,000 more over the course of his or her career than an individual without a degree.
I'm not able to slide-rule the supporting numbers this afternoon, and lifetime earnings unadjusted for time of entry to workforce and profile from first hire to ultimate promotions have all sorts of potential for abuse.  The good news is that headquarters wants everyone to stay focused.
“We will be examining all of our programs to ensure that our students are not only getting the best technical skills we can impart to them, but also are developing the critical thinking and problem solving skills that will help them become leaders in business, in industry and in their communities,” [new president Douglas] Baker said.

“Ultimately,” he added, “our goal is to not only increase the return on investment our students reap in terms of dollars and cents, but also to make them better leaders and citizens.”
"Critical thinking and problem solving" are not politically correct shibboleths. Just saying.

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