Never mind the folly of Wednesday Night Football.  Would alcohol sales help solve attendance issue? One participant in the forum names three other kids (thanks, Mom) that have already jumped off the bridge.
Toledo announced that the university received a permit to sell alcohol at football and basketball home games. The Rockets become the fourth team in the MAC, following Bowling Green, Akron and Kent State, to allow alcohol sales at major athletic events. What are your thoughts on alcohol being sold at college football games?
The other notes that there's a lot of colored water in blue cans being consumed before the game.
Let’s face it, alcohol is a huge part of the college football culture. Just walk by the field on the east side of Huskie Stadium before any home game, you’ll see people chugging and shotgunning beers, and the occasional beer bong, as well. People are going to drink at college football games, and as someone who has attended games as a student and alum, I’ve witnessed fans illegally bring their own cans of beer into Huskie Stadium.

The past few years, the attendance, or lack thereof, at Huskie Stadium has been a big issue with fans. There’s no doubt in my mind that if fans could buy alcohol at games, more people would show up. How many more? It’s tough to say, but there always is going to be a crowd who would rather watch the game at a bar – where alcohol is available.

Overall, I think it would be a good move to follow the lead of the schools you mentioned. Beer is flowing at every NFL stadium. Why shouldn’t it be the same on Saturdays, where alcohol sales could bring revenue for the university?
Note: revenue, so much for family-friendly environment or an absence of brawling in the stands.
I can’t figure out why NIU’s home football attendance has been so disappointing. Sure, there are certain factors you can point to (lack of marquee opponents, midweek games, etc.), but it should be better. I just think if alcohol were available, it would put more people in the seats and bring in revenue for the university on top of that.
It's called compromising your integrity, and if changing a home game to Sunday night for the television contract is feasible, why not obtain a liquor license?  The Orange Bowl appearance has boosted applications, although I have private information that many of those applicants aren't up to our standards.

To move further in the beer-'n-circus direction risks turning out graduates that wind up underemployed with a lot of debt.  But hey, did they have fun at the tailgating area and in the stands.  Even if through an alcohol haze.

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