Never mind Miley Cyrus. Subaru are apparently selling a lot of cars with oddball advertising. There's a particularly strange one, "Redressing Room", that Funny Commercials World likes.
The spot is part of the latest amusing campaign, which promotes Suabru Forester 2014. The video features mom and her adorable little mischievous son. He throws his clothes out the window on the way to the kindergarten. On the daily basis! Fortunately, the spacious car enables her to be prepared for anything. A nice song “There’s Nothing Nothing Nothing” by Caroline Williams plays in the background.
Ad Week's Adfreak characterizes the campaign as sweetness overload.

Never mind that the commercial highlights the lack of a driver-controlled window override in the Subaru product from which the young hellion pitches his shirt.  Never mind that there's no evidence of the young hellion's father in the commercial.  Never mind that by showcasing the car as having sufficient capacity to carry a stockpile of identical bundles of replacement clothes, the company is portraying the mother as an enabler.

Before I composed this post, I did some research.  No evidence that the young hellion is exhibiting symptoms of some new "developmental disorder" (or whatever language the enablers are using these days).

And yet the advertising campaign seems to be working for Subaru.

What is the world coming to?  What it deserves.

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