The quip about higher education's monoculture used to be "Academics claim to be receptive to differing points of view until they discover there is one."  Still true.
While they claim to place a high value on diversity and multiculturalism, they are often unprepared or even unwilling to accept the diversity of thought that naturally flows from those things. If universities truly wish their student bodies, faculty, and staff to represent a variety of people from different backgrounds and different parts of the world, they must also accept the differing worldviews that follow.
Or cease to become institutions of higher learning.
Disqualifying people from speaking or serving at a university because they hold views outside the American university mainstream turns what is supposed to be a marketplace of ideas into an echo chamber where no one actually has their views challenged. Academia may be able to hobble along like this for a while, but let’s not fool ourselves into believing it’s not a serious problem. If universities want to remain actual centers of education in the long term, they must stop being afraid of genuine debate and disagreement.
What I neglected to tell you, until now, is that these recent PC atrocities were committed against people of color.

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