With a few days' lag, the Badger detox report.
Police at the University of Wisconsin-Madison say they arrested nearly twice as many people for underage drinking at this weekend's football game than they did during the Badgers' opening game Aug. 31.

The department says 24 people, including 23 UW-Madison students, were arrested during Saturday's home game against Tennessee Tech. A week ago, when the Badgers played Massachusetts, the numbers were 13 and 11.

The highest preliminary breath sample Saturday was 0.30 percent. Last week, it was 0.33 percent. The legal limit for driving is 0.08 percent.

Campus police ejected 45 people, including 38 UW-Madison students, from Camp Randall Stadium on Saturday. In all, 27 were kicked out a week ago.
This week is an away game, let's see what the police blotter from Arizona State looks like.

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