Mixed martial arts fighting is either the quintessence of Thirteenth Generation crude, or a perfect metaphor for a diverse demographic gone downscale.  Whatever it might be, it is Not. Proper. Entertainment. in Naperville.
[City Councilman Paul] Hinterlong said fighting of this kind has no place in Naperville, where the city has worked within the past year to quell bar fights that cropped up on weekends by deploying more police officers downtown, increasing the number of security cameras in the area and better enforcing occupancy limits.

"I don't want that here. Enough fighting already," Hinterlong said. "I don't think it's an image Naperville needs."

The event would have included fighting, music and alcohol for sale — a combination Councilman Bob Fieseler said is too similar to the conditions that led to the string of bar fights.
At least one commenter on the article finds the city's "upright, snobby image" off-putting.  Another suggests that "equating a bar fight to a sanctioned sport" is sloppy thinking.

What is the world coming to?  What it deserves.

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