En route to a swap meet and a model railroad operating session, I had the car radio tuned to Meet The Press, obsessed, as it always is, with the latest made up Washington crisis. Current moderator David Gregory (a pathetic successor to Lawrence Spivak or Tim Russert) had a potentially enligtening exchange of views on partisan wrangling and government failure that he Just. Couldn't. Leave. Well. Enough. Alone.
Let me get beyond policy and get back to politics. You know, one of the striking things out of our poll, the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, was the following question: "Would you vote to replace every member of Congress?" 60% said yes. We asked here on Meet the Press on Twitter, for our viewer ideas for #breakinggridlock.

We heard three that really stood out. "End the gerrymandering, term limits, campaign finance reform."

Until people take seriously the idea that not every challenge they face has to be turned into something that can be ameliorated, or not, by a grandiloquently titled Act of Congress or a clever new acronym, there will be no end to strategic reapportionment, there will be no term limits, there will be no end of attempts by agents of influence to influence campaigns.

On the other hand, the Elected Representatives, the Agents of Influence, and the Chin Pullers who engage in ritual disagreement with each other on Sunday mornings in front of images of the Capitol Dome, would find the Devolution of Governmental Powers to be a threat to their power and prestige, which depends heavily on their ability to keep the electorate in an agitated and dependent state.

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