There are people working to improve Passenger Rail service on the midwestern corridors.  The former New York Central west of Porter, Indiana is full of freight trains, and mingling additional Michigan and Ohio trains is unlikely to sit well with Norfolk Southern.  Two tracks dedicated to passenger service are the way to go.  But when I first looked at this picture, I wondered who Photoshopped catenary onto the Norfolk Southern.

Think about the alignment of tracks from Bailly to just east of Gary.  South to north: Norfolk Southern, South Shore, steel mill yard trackage.  Amtrak crews are already qualified on the South Shore in the event of an emergency on Norfolk Southern, why not move the Michigan trains to the South Shore at Michigan City, and restore the Nickel Plate flyover from the Illinois Central?

There have been no passenger trains to Green Bay since April 30, 1971.  NEW Rails would like to change that.  It's been a Cold Spring Shops cause for years.

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