Regular readers know that The House Cafe occasionally provides inspirations for posts, as well as serving as a refuge for paper grading refuelled by cappuccino and ginger-cayenne cookies, or a place to hold a civilized question time in advance of examinations.  It's also home to live music, and among its redeeming virtues, it's Not. Starbuck's.  But it rents space, which can be a problem.

Problem solved.
A trio of longtime patrons have purchased The House Cafe and signed a long-term lease with building owner Fareed Haque.

While plans are still being finalized, new owners Anthony Solario, Lisa Cowley and Corey Twombly plan to keep the name and continue the schedule of ongoing events at The House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway in DeKalb.

"When we heard Jan (Pascolini) was leaving, we decided to look into buying the business," Solario said. Pascolini is the former owner of The House Cafe.

"We are in the last stages of getting it all wrapped up," Solario said. Neither Solario nor Haque would disclose the length of the lease, but Solario said "the House will be around for a good long while.

"We want to keep it the way it is in terms of events," he said. "We want to expand the menu and, as new owners, we'll have to reapply for a liquor license."

He said dates have not been finalized, but he does foresee closing for no more than two weeks while licenses to serve food and liquor are obtained, and the interior of the building is freshened up. He said no major remodeling was planned.
One of the things that gives the place its character is its eclectic decor. A major remodeling would impose way too much structure.

The transition is likely to go smoothly, and to the delight of regulars.
A public announcement was made at The House on Wednesday and Haque said everyone applauded and expressed their gratitude for all that Pascolini has done in the six years she has owned the business.

"I think the hand-off is being done very amicably. Everything feels really positive," Haque said.

"And I'm glad we didn't have to put a sports bar in there."
There is an adequate sports bar just down the street.  I recommend the chicken wing special on Wednesdays.  Get six with "Hail Mary" sauce and six with nuclear.  They go well with Guinness.  It's not the kind of place, though, for grading papers or watching trains.

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