Megan Fox: "Why are today’s women so stupid that they allow men they wouldn’t trust to run errands deposit their DNA inside of them?" Dan Quayle was right about Murphy Brown mocking the importance of fathers, and the mugging by reality goes on today.
The problem is women have lowered their worth in the eyes of men so dramatically by playing the whore and having babies (or destroying them through abortion) outside the lawful constraints of marriage that men no longer feel honor-bound to support them. When 1 in 5 women have multiple baby daddies, why not let the next guy take care of her? Or why not let her do it on her own? After all, a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, or so we’ve been told.

I’m sure my detractors will say I am letting men off the hook by not addressing absent fathers, but the truth is this is a female-centered problem. Ladies, stop having sex with unsuitable men. Women have the power to turn this situation around simply by saying, “No.” If you truly believe it’s your body and your choice, then choose to be wise about the decisions you make with that body.
Ms Fox has posted a second part of the column, laying out the worst-case consequences of bastardy. It has apparently not yet been blurbed at the main Pajamas Media site, as there are no angry comments as of this evening.

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