The Mid-American Conference is a major money-suck for member universities.

Despite the on-field success of the football program, at least one Northern Star columnist objects to the activity fee each student pays to underwrite athletics.
So not everyone is a fan of NIU’s athletic money-grabbing machine. There are already hefty, but reasonable for what they do, fees for activities and services on campus, so an additional one for athletics should not be crucial to keeping these programs running.

Again, there are Huskies who are only here to learn about a future job, do good work in their classes and get degrees. The athletic fee also hurts commuter students who are not around campus on evenings and weekends to go to games in the first place.

I think students who do attend games could pay a discounted admission price. Funding athletics does not have to work on a tax-like basis.
Note also that those evening games on school nights conflict with sessions students, commuter or resident, schedule to work on those group projects that are all the rage in some disciplines.

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