Ordinarily, I let the student columnists at The Northern Star vent without comment.  Today, though, comes a gripe that requires a reaction.
Four of my five class syllabi list term paper due dates followed only days later by scheduled final exams. The only logical explanation is my professors got together and decided to conspire against me. Bravo.

But in all seriousness, I cannot stand when professors assign two finals in one class. Call it a case of severe indecision or downright psychopathy, but forcing students to double their worries is too much.

I think it’s time professors decide on only one terrible way to stress their students to near death instead of toying with their psyches with final exams and papers.

Maybe it’s my fault for being an English major, but the reason I chose writing was to avoid testing.
The intellectual argument is "Start the paper earlier and use writing time as concept-review time. Then the final exam uses mental muscles you've already developed."

Perhaps, though, the only argument that will work is "Want fries with that?"

Miss some things I will not.

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