It appears to be policy at a Starbucks with a drive-through window to service those calls first, even if it means three or four staffers will look directly at a just-arrived walk-in customer without acknowledging his presence.

A competitor is rolling out a robo-barista.
Ever stood in line at a Starbucks or some other cafe and wondered why, in the year 2013, you can’t just send in your order 10 minutes early via an app on your phone, and pick it up as soon as you walk in? Briggo has such an app. It asks you to log in, so it can memorize your order and payment information, which enables one-click coffee ordering. Or you can order a coffee for a friend. And use the app to check out how long the wait is for a drink. Fifteen minutes? Just complete your order now, while you’re walking across campus—it will be ready by the time you arrive. Hit another button to announce on Facebook that you’ll be at the Briggo kiosk by 9:30, and hey, who wants to meet up?
The article notes that Starbucks have a lot of employee turnover (a corporate policy that seems to mandate ignoring or deferring walk-in customers can't help), and that there is a continuum of coffee-robots between the Briggo machine and the institutional canteen machine that is fifty years old and still going strong.

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