I just returned from a road trip to purchase O Scale equipment at the Cleveland swap meet.

Now that Indiana and Ohio allow 70 mph running, the trip is less enervating than it was at 55 mph.  It's even worth the higher tolls, although the truck congestion is sometimes annoying (less so at weekends, though).

But the people in charge of road repair continue to epitomize "the public be damned".  It's now November, and the work ought to be put away for winter.  That doesn't stop repair crews from taking a lane out of service and positioning orange barrels for miles, and posting work zone speed limits, when there is no evidence of work in progress, no evidence of curing concrete, no evidence of equipment staged to be put to use after dark, when the pleasure travelers are abed.

They get away with it only because we don't squawk loudly enough or frequently enough.

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