In immoderate weather, things can go wrong.  Conditions in the State Line are similar to those the weekend the North Shore Line quit, and the South Shore Line has already cancelled trains east of Michigan City, substituting a bus.  No service to Hudson Lake.  The funky f - Stops on signal.  Use light at night stations are long gone.  Metra has alerted riders to expect delays.
Trains will be operating at reduced speed, if necessary, to reduce stress on the rails, and boarding is expected to be slower due to the low temperatures, so passengers should allow extra time, Metra said.
With the schools mostly closed, and authorities ranging from the TV weathercasters to government officials recommending that everyone stay home ("shelter in place" having taken on a different meaning now-a-days), there are likely to be fewer foul weather friends on the rails.

Amtrak have also annulled a number of regional trains.
The following trains will not be running Monday: Lincoln Service trains No. 300, 301, 306 and 307 running between Chicago and St. Louis; Hiawatha Service trains No. 329, 332, 333, 336, 337 and 340 running between Chicago and Milwaukee; Wolverine Service trains No. 350 and 355 running between Chicago and Detroit; Illinois Zephyr & Carl Sandburg trains 382 and 383 running between Chicago and Quincy and the Saluki & Illini trains No. 392 and 393 running between Chicago and Carbondale.
On the St. Louis line, the first departures in the morning and the last departures of the evening from each end of the line will not run. On the two university corridor lines, the evening schedules in each direction will not run. Better plan for an overnight in Chicago if you're holding a ticket on the morning up trains; likewise make plans to lay over if you were planning a day trip out of Chicago.  In issuing these annulments, Amtrak avoids having to annul or run extremely late a train account crew rest, or unavailability of equipment that's still out on the line. That's probably the rationale for annulling 350-355, a turn that originates in Chicago and returns from Pontiac. The Milwaukee line cancellations are the trips of the rake that begins the day in Chicago.

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