Fifty Muscovites lining up to buy sausage.

First, you queue to turn over your roubles for a purchase voucher.

Gear Diary image.

Then you queue to turn over your voucher for meat.  That is, if there is meat.

In the United States, that is how Chicago State University students buy their books.
The long lines have two sources. First, the students are not allowed into the book aisles to select their own books, as they would be able to do at almost any other university. Instead they hand their schedule to a clerk who selects their books for them.

Second, there aren’t enough clerks hired to do this work to avoid the disrespect of the long lines for students.
The post author invokes the usual litany of oppression.
Everyone I saw in that line would be called “black” in this racist society.

Can you imagine that more affluent white students would be treated like this, with so little respect? Well, perhaps you can barely imagine it, but it is very unlikely. This disrespect is usually reserved for black people, which makes it racist.
The disrespect begins, dear reader, with a political and social culture in which young people from disadvantaged backgrounds never learn the life-management skills of more affluent people, get passed through high school with a minimum of academic preparation, and get fobbed off on subprime institutions of higher education.  It's a formula that sets the young people up for failure, and saps the morale of the faculty at such universities.

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