Laura McKenna, at 11-D.
Sometimes it is difficult to be a feminist and a mom of boys. I have to cheer at the success that girls are finding in schools and college, but I do worry how the school system treats boys. I worry that boys, who lag behind girls developmentally, are traumatized by a school system that prizes perfectionism over other character traits.
All the better the post for its lack of "war on boys" rhetoric.

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Cassandra said...

It's funny - I raised two boys.

One was dreamy, unfocused, creative, random, wrote great poetry but was borderline ADD. IOW, he was just like his Mom.

The other was organized, naturally neat, self-disciplined, a think-before-you-act type who also happened to be incredibly gifted athletically. He only had one serious girlfriend, and he dated her for 6 years and then married her. Very much like his father.

I get kind of impatient with stereotypes. My boys were raised in the same family with the same values and they're bookends.

I was raised in a small family - one brother, like my youngest in temperment. I often wonder if, when we look at boys and girls, we lose sight of who they really are - underneath, as people - because we can't see past their plumbing?

Culture is immensely valuable but it can also be a bit of a straight jacket.

Anyway, thanks for the post. I enjoyed it :)