Coca-Cola bought two advertisements during the Super Bowl.  During the second quarter, viewers saw what this roundup of all the adverts characterized as "the solemn spot."

Because the advertisement featured lines of America the Beautiful in multiple languages, it set off some of the Perpetually Aggrieved.  Time TV critic James Poniewozik suggests the aggrieved back off.
We come to America, in other words, and we become American–but we don’t erase everything else that we were before, we don’t forget our cultures and languages as if they never existed, and we don’t hide them as if they’re shameful or less than patriotic. We bring them out and share them, and they make this country better and stronger. America isn’t weakened because people don’t submit to a monoculture; it’s strong because it can absorb the peoples and aspirations and talents of the rest of the world without erasing their cultures.
Yes, America is still the shining city on a hill. And, wherever you or your ancestors came from, whether arriving by boat or plane or on foot, you have America's Team.  That's the message of the advert Coke presented in the fourth quarter.

The commercial had to have been recorded before a similar situation arose in the game at Chicago that put the Packers into the playoffs.

In a "behind the scenes" video, production team members suggest the connection between a community and a football team could not plausibly be depicted in this way anywhere other than where Ashwaubenon abuts Lambeau Field.  Local people made cameo roles.

Seattle may be custodians of the Lombardi Trophy. It's on loan from Green Bay. Coca-Cola gets it.

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