Bernie Reeves of Phi Beta Cons puts in the case for the Core Curriculum.
How can society function as more and more college graduates, as Randy Newman put it in his classic song Rednecks, “go into LSU dumb and they come out of LSU dumb too”? The answer is by re-instituting what was often called the General College, two years of required courses for freshmen and sophomores. Whether or not the curriculum matched a student’s major or his career, it assured parents, the public, and the students that they were literate, numerate, and possessed a sense of the sweep of history and knowledge of the calculus of politics and government. That they could hold their own in a London drinks party.
Yes, the Canon and the Core matter. Present or not, it also matters that students own their education, whatever preparation they might have brought.  Case in point: today's senior capstone paper consultations.  Genetic testing, adverse selection, and medical expenses leading to bankruptcy.  Agglomeration economies, Marshallian industrial districts, and outmigration from Peoria.  The potential for algorithmic money to keep the good features of commodity and fiat money with fewer of the bad features.  Rent-seeking, campaign contributions, and import tariff rates.  I can't let up with people taking on that mix of challenges.

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