College Insurrection identifies Utah's Westminster College as the institution with the most current and past students on the U.S. Olympic team.  A commenter to the post remarks on the presence of Olympians from small countries who pursue their studies in Colorado or Montana.  Makes sense.  The fiftieth-best skier on Team USA might well be the best skier for Venezuela.

The next-largest contingent, ten current and past students, is the University of Wisconsin, with nine hockey players, male and female, still in medal contention.

And, incidentally, a central campus that isn't a quad.  It's a drumlin.

Looks like one of those days in late April or early May with a hint of summer to come and a bad case of cabin fever among the students.  Now, if the Olympics had an event for cafeteria trays, the greatest training ground in college would be this Bascom Drumlin, er, Hill, in winter.

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