There's no money for staffing the academic departments or for replacing the dry-erase markers in classrooms.  Posters for the latest Identity Politics Flavor of the Month, yes.

At Northern Illinois University, the event begins with a promotional campaign.  Tuesday will be "This is what a feminist looks like" sticker day.  "We hope to break harmful stereotypes that cast all feminists as white, female, middle-class, or politically radical, and to open up the definitions of 'feminist' to more complicated meanings." Mostly, the Uncle Tims peacock that day.  The theme for the month, though, is the fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.  Complete with all the usual suspects, and the usual abuse of the English language.  There's a special circle in Hell for marketing types that salt compound words with capital letters where they don't belong, e.g. TrucTrain, PowerPoint, or PeopleSoft, and for academic types that attempt to redefine words by inserting parentheticals, e.g. Terr(or)toriality or, from this year's collection of politically radical events -- note the inclusive or above --, "Shifting Fault(lines)."

The poster itself?  The portraits from the poster border are at the header of the event announcement.  No rebuttal to Undeniable Truth 24 here.

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