North Shore Line Memories includes the tale of a crew at Pettibone Yard that made too aggressive a shove, winding up with a boxcar past the end of track and up a tree.

The yardmaster called master mechanic Henry Cordell to have two men sent over to assist in retrieving the car.  The post title quotes a question Mr Cordell asked.

What would Mr Cordell have made of a motor car up an escalator?

Chicago Tribune picture courtesy Milka Overton

Today's incident may raise questions about crews on short rest.
The [motorman] has been employed with CTA for about a year, Kelly said. She “works a lot of overtime,” [union president Robert] Kelly said, but she had been off for about 17 hours before starting her overnight shift, which began at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

“So she had an ample amount of time to be off that day,” Kelly said. “I do know she works a lot, as a lot of our members do.”
In the case of the errant boxcar, the North Shore Line crew was able to roll the boxcar back onto the rails, using the grooves the wheels had cut in the ground and the tree on the way up.  This errant multiple unit car will be disassembled, then removed.

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