Bardiac complies with a new university mandate that students receive a midterm grade report, which does address the common student complaint that feedback is often slow in coming, but which requires the little darlings to figure out percentages.
I'm filled with despair at how many students can't figure out basic percentages.

And I'm filled astonied at how many students are totally and completely flabbergasted at where their grade stands at this point, even though I've given back every single graded piece of work and my syllabus lays out how much each assignment is worth.
But one day Bardiac's complaint about percentages will be out of line.
I know that some instructors are woefully bad at returning graded work in anything like a timely manner.  I do indeed think that students need to get back work reasonably quickly, and that instructors need to explain how they grade.  I just think it's not unreasonable to expect college students to do percentages.
Expecting people to be able to do percentages is ABLEISM!  The Perpetually Aggrieved will not rest until it's eradicated.

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