David Leonhardt intends to write about the way in which excessively girly elementary schools shortchange boys, but then he excessively complicates a simple proposition.
The old forms of sexism, while greatly diminished, still constrain women. The job market exacts harsh financial and career penalties on anyone who decides to work part time or take time off, and the workers who do so are overwhelmingly female. That’s a big part of the reason that the top ranks of corporate America, Silicon Valley and the government remain dominated by men.
No. Unless you're good enough to be able to pick your clients, you're going to earn greater rewards by outworking other people.  Now, it might be the case that the strivers have been too willing to appease unreasonable demands by clients.  But changing established practices, particularly in a world where work-more-for-greater-reward is emergent and possibly evolutionarily stable, is not going to be achieved by legislation alone.

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