To commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the Skokie Swift, the Chicago Transit Authority will roll out its historic Cincinnati cars for special excursions on Saturday, the 26th.

Central Electric Railfans' Association archive photo.
It will be held at the Skokie-Dempster station starting at around 11:00 am and running until about 2:00 pm or so. The CTA’s two historic cars 4271-4272 will be operating every 25 minutes.

The cars will follow normal service cars as a second section. They will run to Howard, turn around in the track #5 pocket without unloading or loading at Howard, and run back out to Skokie. It’s not yet known whether the cars will stop at Oakton-Skokie, but it’s very possible. You won’t be able to get off or on at Howard Street.

Regular CTA rail fares apply, but your monthly pass will work, too.

The top speed on these cars is about 45 mph, but they will probably reach 55 going downhill. It has been several years since the general public has been able to ride these cars, which are now over 90 years old.
I was present for the September 2004 excursion commemorating the end of trolley wire on the Swift.

That may have been the last time the ritual of pole-on-wire-on-the-fly was performed on the old North Shore Line.

The historic cars correctly still have trolley poles, as-delivered, and as required on the Evanston Express, their final assignment in Chicago.  And a two or three car train sometimes entertains visitors at Illinois Railway Museum or the East Troy Electric Railroad.

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