This time of year, the seniors are graduating (full of hope, despite years of failed economic policies) and the returning students take their decompression time, or perhaps jobs as lifeguards or camp counselors, or at the worst job in town so as to better appreciate university when they return.

Aranye Fradenburg of California at Santa Barbara has a more difficult task.
And so we know — partly because we are part of a knowledge-making community — how true it is that we are all affected by the shootings, how much we have reached out to each other and how long it will be before we can enjoy again the shockingly good fortune of being alive. We are just so terribly sorry for those who had to leave us before they were ready.

Please be well. If we can help, tell us, and we will help you. If you need peace and quiet, we will be respectful. If you want to cry, we will cry with you. We will protest the unfairness of life right alongside of you. Please be well, and remember that we love you.
They've all lost a piece of their youth.  We understand.

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