Oops, got fooled by those infantrymen riding on the sides of the armoured car.  That's the Boston police.

Image courtesy Common Dreams.

Interesting times.  The identity-politics left in Boston sounds increasingly like the patriot militia.
When federal and local funds are used to militarize police, the result is increased police violence in our neighborhoods, which further stigmatizes, isolates and criminalizes individuals instead of addressing the root causes of violence at the community level. It results in the continued profiling, surveillance and targeting of Muslims, immigrants, people of color and dissidents of all backgrounds.
"Militarize police" is a polite way of saying "jack-booted government thugs."

Federal and local funds are also used to make rent-seekers rich.  It's usually the little people who get re-settled (yes, I am being provocative) whether it's to make room for an expressway or a casino or a stadium or a nature preserve.

The challenge for people who seek to limit the power of government from the left or from the right is to recognize that limiting the power of government is a more compelling common interest than any fear of the Other's ethnicity or religion.

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