Ralph Nader says so.
The most manipulated voter is a single-issue voter. If a voter tells a candidate, all I care about is abortion, the candidate controls that person by giving them that issue, OK? By agreeing with that issue. Voters get more powerful when they have half a dozen or a dozen demands. Then you see the antennae of a politician starts – there’s a little cognitive dissonance here; they have to broaden out. And that’s why I fought the single-issue people.

The single-issue people are guinea pigs for the Democratic Party. They give them what they want. They take the stands they want, and the single-issue voters could care less about criminal wars of aggression, empire, corporate welfare, bailing out Wall Street, corporate crime, mishandling consumers, all of that. Healthcare. They’re not savvy in the sense of making themselves more wanted. They sell out too easy for their issue.  I don’t mean sell out for money. They sell out too easy for their issue.
Yes, and the symbiosis goes further.  Without gerry-mandered districts full of chronically desperate people, Bobby and Gwen and John and Maxine don't get re-elected.  And Bobby and Gwen and John and Maxine are much more effective at campaign speeches about "fighting" for jobs and schools than at insisting on schools that expect a level of responsibility out of young people that might make employers enthusiastic about hiring graduates, rather than fleeing those districts for more business-friendly climes.  And the best Our President can do is exploit changing electoral dynamics to produce even more desperate people.

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