The latest self-inflicted wound to higher education is the trigger warning.  Again, Oberlin College sets the pace for the world.  "However, even if a trigger warning does contain a spoiler, experiencing a trigger is always, always worse than experiencing a spoiler." Yeah, it's the same silly statement I mocked before. I'm not sure if there's even reason for faculty to issue spoiler alerts in a world with online Cliff Notes and all sorts of other aids for slackers.  Perhaps, though, the best thing to do is to run a trigger warning contest.  (The closing deadline is midnight Eastern this evening, about the same time the sun will come up on Omaha Beach.)  I hope these economics entries are being offered for criticism.  I got the link off Newmark's Door.  Craig is still in the fight, and he can vent about academic idiocies as well as anyone.  If you're not going there, go there.  I still have a dog in the fight, but it's not my fight in the same way any more.

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