At the Illinois Railway Museum's July, 2013 Trolley Pageant, Chicago and West Towns streetcar 141 was in presentable condition for the beginning of the streetcar section of the parade.

All dressed up for Independence Day, running 6 July 2013.

It takes a fair amount of work to restore a streetcar to operation.  The Central Electric Railfans' Association report on 141's return to museum service details the work involved.  Among the images in the post is one of 141 as-delivered to the museum, in rough shape and on a flatbed trailer.

North of the Cheddar Curtain, Milwaukee 846 was providing transportation at the East Troy Electric Railroad.

Army Lake Road is not a car stop.  There is a convenient side-road hard by the tracks for photography, and the railroad's current schedule has cars leaving both ends of the line on the hour, and meeting at the Army Lake siding just east of here.  There are spring switches at both ends of the siding, permitting proper trolley meets, sometimes with neither car stopping.

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