Two related, trenchant observations on the Technocratic Imperative. Insta Pundit, shorter form: "Have you noticed that the nature of the crisis du jour may change, but the solutions always involve higher taxes and more power for the political class?" Yes, but the formula still works.  You stop the Packers from running 49 and 36 by reading the keys and blowing up the play.  You stop the Washington Establishment from converting an inconvenience into Crisis or Scandal and leading the evening news with it until Congress. Does. Something. by pointing out that It. Doesn't. Work. Don Boudreaux of Cafe Hayek has an elaboration. "It is inexcusably naive to think that 'reform' or 'cleaner elections' or this or that shiny new silver-tongued orator vying for political office can remove the practical certainty that the agency set up to do X will often be run by people not committed to X – or who, regardless of what the politicians or administrators currently in charge think of X, find ways to appear to pursue X while really pursuing Y."  Yes, although it probably takes a serious dose of Government Failure to provide sufficient evidence for voters to reject the usual formula of got-a-problem-get-a-program in the face of the default advocacy by the political class for more of the same.

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